Areas of Expertise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is he art of increasing qualified visitors to your website with the intent of gaining leads for your business. This is done by optimizing your website, social media and other industry-specific profiles that come up in search results.

Project Management

While big-picture ideas are part of the overall SEO goal, the real success happens through the management of tasks, people, client expectations and changing of the Google algorithms. I pay close attention to the details of each project and am able to juggle multiple tasks at the same time while keeping priorities top-of-mind. 

Social Media Management

I don't just "post" on your behalf. I want to create custom content that engages your customers while reinforcing your unique selling proposition. I believe a content plan and real look "inside" your company is a recipe for success. The conversation is important and I will be responding to inquiries and praises on your behalf. Metrics for engagement and organic growth will be reported monthly.

Strategic & Creative Approach to
Your Online Presence 

One of the most important strategies for SEO is to make relevant updates to your site often. This usually comes in the form of content, but user experience is also something I pay close attention to. I will always pretend this is my first time to your site and look for ways to improve the usability and ease of navigating your site as a new customer. 

I will constantly suggest and implement new messaging tweaks, selling proposition clarity and how we can show off your business differentiators (why they should choose you) every step of the buyer's journey. 


Each company has its own set of online marketing needs, so I would love the opportunity to review your site and provide you with a FREE online marketing proposal. Not only will this give me the chance to get familiar with your brand and website, but this would also allow me to provide you with an estimate of hours needed to accomplish improvements suggested.



My hourly rate is $45/hour*


*I bill my time in 15-minute increments and always keep a very detailed report of work. 

*Hourly rate decreases with larger hourly commitments.