brooke henson

Online Marketing & SEO Consultant

I specialize in helping businesses reach the top of search engine results on Google, Bing and Yahoo!. I consult small, local businesses on their website health and not only train companies on how to get to the top, but get them there through metadata clean up, social media presence and optimizing website content. 

I enjoy having a personal connection with my clients. I want to understand what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them. I want to work as an extension of your business to figure out the complicated search engine results puzzle so you don't have to!

It's about more than just optimizing your website, it's about optimizing your entire online brand. I'm an efficient and effective Boise-based SEO freelancer, let's connect!

Search Engine Optimization

I specialize in working with small-to-medium sized local businesses on their online presence (on and off of the website). 



Here's a little insight into my personal life. First and foremost, I'm a mom. And as you can tell from March 3, 2017 on, my sweet daughter Everly is mainly what I post about (with a cameo of my dog and a glass of wine here and there)!

Contact Me

Are you interested to see how your website stacks up against your competitors? Do you think social media takes up too much of your day, but want to brand your business? Curious how to get your company name in the news? I can help! I'm looking forward to answering your emails.

Boise, Idaho 83714​

Tel: (970) 214-0679
Skype: live:brookeemilyhenson

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